Since 1975 Vivai Tempesta is a family company that interprets the cultivation of plants with perseverance, tenacity and professionalism with the only goal of the quality of its production … these are the foundation since it was founded, and which still contradistingue company.

The company is founded by Francesco Tempesta, buying a plot of 2 hectares starting with their children, the production of young olive trees.
In 1992 the company underwent a change with the production of flowering potted plants and in 1995 thanks to the success and the increase of customers, the company expanded to other 2 hectares.

Vivai Tempesta in 2004 participates in the International Exhibition of FLORMART plants PADOVA, gaining recognition and approval by the many visitors.

In 2014 the company led by Tommaso Tempesta, the founder’s son Francesco, was further enlarged by acquiring more land, for a current total, including greenhouses and open fields, over 7 hectares.

Today Tommaso Tempesta with his son Francesco and his team reached the quality and professionalism in the field of floriculture, commercializing Mediterranean, flowering plants, fruit and vegetables in Italy and Europe, always looking for new challenges.

Vivai Tempesta is now a modern, constantly attentive to the needs and requirements of its customers, without losing sight of the environment in which it operates. In fact, just the environment, quality and research are the concepts on which are based our mission.

“Let’s color quality” more than our slogan, it is a mission, because, in its brevity, contains many of the values ​​that our company has acquired in the course of its over 40 year history.

70.000 mq between greenhouses and open fields